Danny Ate Crap

     You obviously saw the posts about the downhill "race" on the 22, well, a lot of things happened that day. One being a very scary accident that happened to danny at the Vandorn hill.
      We were having a lot of fun bombing at speeds we'd never come close to before and finally got comfortable with the hill and started really pushing it. The last run of the day we were took (should have been 2nd to last) me and Danny were drafting Anthony Smallwood and were practicing passing and drafting and I went for the pass too early and the wind blew me back and he got way out in front of me and won. But that has nothing to do with what happened to danny.
     The chase car came down and picked us up at the bottom of the hill as usual. We started turning to go up the hill and all of a sudden the car is bumping up and down wildly and danny jumps off his board. His board went under the back tire. It was no big deal he was fine and so was his board so he hopped back on and we started up the hill again. Well we were about a little more than half way up the hill when all of a sudden more violent bumping except this time danny didn't jump off, he fell.
     We all let go and the car stopped and Danny was lying on the ground a few yards back and he looked almost as though he were having a seizure. We were yelling at him not to move in case of something being broken. It took him a long time to come to his senses and an ambulance was called but then called off because he said he was fine. We sit him in the back seat of his car to chill out and he gets a free DC/DC shirt for being so gnarly.
     For some reason he seemed really angry that we kept asking if he was ok and on the ride back he even hallucinated a little, seeing a screw floating in the window. We finally realized later that night that he must have been very dehydrated and passed out on the way up because he couldnt remember the fall at all but his helmet wasn't scratched at all.  
     The moral of the story is always stay hydrated and be very careful when skitching a car and don't do it when there is no need.